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해결하지 못한 계좌 문제 그리고 시간 문제로 인해 계획대로 진행되지 못 합니다. 11월부터 지금까지 저희가 많이 고민해왔습니다. 따라서 포토북과 슬로건 제작 중단하겠고 모든 주문 취소하기로 결정 내렸습니다. 긴 기간으로 기다리게 해서 진심으로 죄송합니다.  참고 부탁드립니다.

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실망 시켜드려 저희가 진심으로 다시 사과드리고 싶습니다.

Hello! It's Markpoint.

Today is announcement about Photobook and slogan. We open a pre-order since June-August, and at first, sending will in September-October. Then we change it in November-December. We're very apologize for all those delayed problems, it's because the system of bank account that still cannot solve and the problem about production which cannot finish on time like we planned. We have considerate these problems since November until now and the result is we will cancel all of order and production. We're truly sorry again to keep you waited for 3months.

About the refund, the customers who pay via Paypal, you'll receive your money back in this year. For group-order customer, we never receive any money from customer who want to pay via Korean Bank because the problem about bank account like we mentioned before. Furthermore, we never bring any money from the pre-order and using in personal, we can swear that.

For group order, who want to change your paypal email for refund please mail to markpoint0904@gmail.com

We have to apologize for every mistakes we made and unfortunately thing that happened. We know that we cannot get your trust and your feeling back when it's all gone. However, we're very and definitely sorry again.


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